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set of 2 2-in-1 pocket canteen napkins (llamas and hot air balloons)

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Product image 4set of 2 2-in-1 pocket canteen napkins (llamas and hot air balloons)
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Product image 7set of 2 2-in-1 pocket canteen napkins (llamas and hot air balloons)

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Set of 2 evolving napkins from 0 to 10 years old: for babies, they attach behind the neck with a little pressure, for children and adults, they sit on the knees! Ultra large (53 x 42 cm) and covering (lined cotton), they let nothing pass!

Easy to handle, your child manages like a grown-up! Ideal from birth to 10 years old!

Smart, a small integrated pocket allows you to fold the towel. Mom's bag always stays clean. Practice the label for the child's first name!

In very soft organic cotton 100% OEKOTEX, made in Europe. A cute design of hot air balloons and llamas!

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